For the first classmate conversation I talked to Sarah, and it was great meeting her! We got along really well, and she has such an easy-going personality. We talked about numerous things such as college so far, and eyelash extensions (A thing I now desire). Sarah is a statistics major, which I was shocked by because I personally loathe statistics (sorry Sarah). However she is thinking about switching to applied mathematics. Sarah is in a sorority, and lives with some of her sorority sisters in Long Beach.  I’ve always wanted to know more about Greek life, because I know there is more to it than meets the eye. Her sorority does a lot of volunteer work, and throws events in order to raise money for their philanthropy. She also has two jobs! She works at both In-and-Out and Yogurtland. I told her about my job, living in the dorms, and a bit about the East Coast.  I look forward to meeting more of the class.


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