For this week’s classmate conversation I talked to Antonella. Antonella is a third year dance major here at CSULB. She has been dancing her entire life and says it is her biggest passion, specifically ballet. I then talked about how I am on the fence between two majors: environmental science and film, and how I was worried about the film major at first because of how risky it is. However, film is my biggest passion and we both agreed that you should really just do what you’re most passion about.

After college, Antonella wants to eventually dance professionally, then return to graduate school so she can go into dance therapy. After speaking with Antonella, I plan on going to one of the school’s dance recitals in the spring. We also talked about other hobbies, I mentioned the flute, and she explained that she does some freelance modeling, which I thought was really cool! It was nice talking about live performance (my experience coming from orchestra, and her’s dance), it made me realize how much I missed it. It was great talking to someone so passionate and driven, and I know she’ll go on to be a great performer and artist!


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