For the landscape with a corpse project I died of alcohol poisoning. This may have not been the most school appropriate choice, but felt like one of the most realistic. (College students die from binge drinking more than you’d expect.) And seeing how it was Superbowl Sunday, the timing was perfect! I was kind of going for an exaggerated version of stereotypical “college life”. Where I die during a drinking game, in an incredibly messy dorm room.



I think my favorite part of this project was adding all the details to the “landscape”. With a little help from friends we set up a fake drinking game, and ended up trashing the room. I wanted it to look obnoxiously sloppy. There were bottles of alcohol everywhere, food in every corner, a knocked over trash can, dirty clothes, pills (aspirin) spilled on the desk. Creating the set ended up being really fun, and the longer I did it for, the more ideas I had.

As you can see from the photos, I was not alone. My friends Jordan and Joe ended up posing in the photo as well, unaware of my sudden “death”. My other friend Hannah took the photos, and she was a natural! She was willing to take as many as possible, from every angle, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.



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