I sent my Art Care Package to my roommate, Sarah. She’s not exactly far away, but I wanted to mail her something nice anyways. I also mailed it to her hometown, so she won’t actually see it until spring break.


I really enjoyed creating the ACP! I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make some type of collage. I’ve always wanted to try it out, and this was my chance. I started by printing out a few photos of me, my roommate, and our closest friends… until the printer ran out of ink. So I didn’t end up using that many photos of us, but I think it turned out great regardless. I then went through all of the magazines I had, and cut out images that I thought were cool. It was all very spontaneous. I decided along the way that I would add a few hand drawn things (those are the little pink people), and decided to cut out certain landscapes in the shapes of clouds. Small ideas would hit me like this, until the collage was complete. The background of the collage is the San Jacinto National Monument, a place my roommate and I are gonna go someday. Overall I’ve learned that collage making takes a lot of tape (a lot of tape..) and is something I’m excited to do more of in the future!

Along with the collage I added some of my favorite sheet music, a page of a comic book, a blank CD, a parking pass from Universal Studios, an Amoeba Music catalog, and a plastic hot air balloon from an old set of string lights.


I then added some items with a little more meaning. The geology notes are from a class that we took together last semester (It was Hell, and it’s art that we got through it). A map, because we plan on traveling together one day when we are not as poor. And last but not least, a flash drive that has my first short film on it. My roommate was kind enough to act in it, and she has yet to see it. But she can wait until spring break to find out that it’s not very good.


I would say an ACP is similar to a snapchat only because they are both made and sent to one person specifically. They both are (usually) created with the other person in mind, and are both a way of connecting two people in an unconventional way. However, an ACP takes a lot more time, thought, and effort. It even lasts longer. Therefore, an ACP has room for far more meaning and is a lot more thoughtful.

I am personally in favor of ephemera. Ephemera gives you the ability to see a material item and relive a memory. I, for example, collect movie tickets. I never throw out a movie ticket because one day when I’m ancient I’d like to sit down, and remember all the times I went to the movie theater with friends, family, et cetera. Is there a limit?  Unfortunately. There is a difference between having a memory box, and being a hoarder. But then again, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Yes there is a difference between art that is seen by many versus art that is seen by one. Usually if art is seen by one person, it is tailored to that specific person. Whether it be a gift for someone, or a painting in a gallery, the artists have different goals in mind.   These intentions or goals for their work cannot help but alter the outcome of the pieces.

I do think that something that takes more time and thought, tends to mean more. Sending my roommate a snapchat would not be nearly as thoughtful as creating this entire art package. The fact that a person is willing to sit down and spend time to make something for you is what makes it special. It is the effort behind the product, not necessarily the product itself.


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