This art experience was a lot more relaxing than I thought it would be! Once we stopped laughing and yelling at each other, our hands started moving in a consist rhythm that resulted in an oval pattern.


When we finally got serious, the oil crayon did start to move “by itself” and we couldn’t believe it! I was sure that Sarah was forcing it, and vice versa. We finally realized that when holding the crayon up, our arms would get tired in a certain position, and kind of just fall naturally and slowy in a certain direction.

A friend walked in when we were doing it and he was.. disturbed. He coined the term “crayon ouija board” which I think is pretty accurate. After we had done it for a while we decided to switch colors, and thought that maybe starting a second time, the pattern would be different. We ended up using three oil crayons, and here is the result:




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