Artist: Juliana Bustillo and Tidawhitney Lek

Exhibition: “Doodles in Space”

Media: Installation, Paper

Gallery: CSULB School of Art; Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: N/A



Bustillo and Lek are both students in the California State University Long Beach School of Art. More specifically, they are in the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Drawing major. Bustillo is from Long Beach (she went to Wilson High School), and hopes to graduate school after obtaining her Bachelor’s here. She specifically wants to go to graduate school on the East Coast. Lek is from Texas (I was also born in Texas!) but moved to Los Angeles years ago.


The entire exhibit is made of some type of paper. The artists use the paper and paper mache and distort it to create texture and dimension. You can see from the photos that they bunch up the papers, cut out patterns, etc. to create variety. They even used toilet seat covers in the installation which I thought was creative .


The Exhibit is titled Doodles in Space. The Artists’ statement said “Doodles the mindless act, in which the conscious-state is subdue and the focal is highly performed. In this situation, the phenomenon evokes responses like meditation, time, intuition, conversation, critical thinking, and liberation. This process allows performance between the creator and the created, juxtaposing partition of power and control…”


Walking into the exhibit felt like I had become a page of a notebook. That the doodles of a page had come to life. It reminded me of a Tim Burton movie, the color scheme, and chaotic style the exhibit had. The artists took doodling, a 2D act and not only made it 3D, but let viewers within them. It had a bit of a fantastical vibe to it.


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