This week’s activity was finger painting, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I got an 18 pack of finger paint from CVS, and my technique was stick every finger in a color and paint whatever feels right. I did it with a group of friends who were all studying/writing. They were pretty envious (although I joined them in studying right after painting). I’m pretty shocked by how much I enjoyed the results. I figured I’d paint it, take a picture of it, and throw it away. But I actually really like how it looks.

I found the experience very relaxing. I didn’t stop and think about what to paint at all or what strokes/colors to use, I did it all spontaneously. The act of putting your fingers directly in the paint is oddly satisfying, and having the freedom to paint whatever you what, without the pressure to make it look good was liberating. I’ve actually noticed that the art I do in this class is always better when it’s spontaneous.

In comparison to most paintings I’ve seen it’s pretty juvenile. But I’m still proud of it! I’ll probably end up finger painting again at some point, seeing how I have all of this paint left over. I think finger painting could act as a really good stress reliever.



(The photos make it look really dark, but the paint I used was a lot brighter/more neon)


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