ARTIST: Laura Lopez


GALLERY: Marilyn Werby Gallery

MEDIA: Oil and Canvas




Laura Lopez is a graduate student here at CSULB School of Art, and is currently getting her Drawing and Painting MFA. She is originally from Columbia, where she got her undergraduate degree in architecture. Her inspiration comes from her past, as well as the things she experiences everyday. When I asked why the switch from architecture to art? She said that there is more freedom in art, more room to explore your own ideas.


The art pieces themselves are oil paints on canvas. Lopez uses bright contrasting colors to paint landscapes of the Columbian jungle in her exhibit Selvatica, which translates to wild. Lopez uses different brush strokes and layers colors in order to create texture and chaos in her paintings. Every square inch of every painting in the exhibit is full of color and designs. To me, the paintings seemed almost geometric, they were chaotic yet still organized. The way she emphasizes certain outlines, and creates patterns has a geometric effect, but the colors maintain the “wild” tone that the paintings have.


The jungle is home to the artist. She said it is where her roots are, and when she was younger she used to explore them. However, she also wanted the audience to be able interpret the art in their own way. The array of colors seemed to symbolize the diversity within the jungle. The hundreds of species of plants, animals, insects. The jungle is truly one of the most colorful places on earth, and Lopez paintings seem to be an exaggeration of that.


Walking into the exhibit, I was shocked by how colorful her work was, I immediately loved it. In day to day life, most things are painted shades of gray, black, neutrals etc. Cars, Houses, clothing, all tend to be shades that blend well. Lopez’s work is the complete opposite. Her use of color immediately catches your attention. I also loved Lopez’s work because I grew up on the East Coast surrounded by forests. I spent my childhood exploring the forest like Lopez did the jungle, and I relate to how she perceives it, and claims that her roots are there.


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