The first future me, the one I’m working towards now will hopefully work in the film industry. Right now I’m a film major, and in order to get to where I want I need to make a lot of connections. I also need a lot more practice. One goal I had, was to make one short film per month. I haven’t been keeping up with that goal to be honest, but I’ll have the time during the summer. I also need to start finding internships, int he field. After college I would basically work for free at a production company for a few years, and then hopefully be hired there, or elsewhere full time. Trying to be sensible about such an exclusive industry is what I stress about most. I also am not sure what I want to do specifically within the industry which doesn’t help.

1.) Confidence:  5/10 I could use more

The only confidence I have in this career path is my passion for it. I think it’s the best path out of the three because I’m excited for it, but it’s not completely unreasonable. I’d need more confidence in this field, because you really need it in order to succeed in the film industry.

2.) Resources: 8/10 Plenty

I live right next to Hollywood, and meet professors and students from the industry all the time. It’s still hard, but I’m in the prime location for this career path

3.)Impact: 9/10

4.) Satisfaction: 9/10

If I couldn’t do film I would major in Environmental Science (my previous major) with a minor in some type of outdoor recreation. I would try and get more field experience while in college, and probably do a lot more volunteering. After college I’d travel abroad, probably do a lot of rock climbing if I could. After that I’d either go to grad school for Environmental Science or teach English abroad.

1.) Confidence: 7/10

2.) Resources: 8/10

3.) Impact: 10/10

4.) Satisfaction 4/10

I think later in life this option could make me happier, but as of right now I know I need to pursue film first or I’ll always wonder.

If I could have any career path I desired I’d own my own small production company that help talented young filmmakers produce their films, regardless of their funds or connections. In this dream world I’m also successful enough to produce my own films as well. I’d also like to collaborate with other filmmakers, musicians to do less commercial projects. I’d also like to be a showrunner at some point (someone who is responsible for a show’s overall output. Donald Glover for Atlanta, Tina Fey for 30 Rock, Lorne Michaels for SNL, etc.)

1.) Confidence: 2/10

This option would take years of experience, and loads of money: neither I have right now

2.) Resources: 1/10

I don’t have any of the connections required to do something like this. I don’t even know anyone who’s done it, I can’t think of a name. In order to gain the resources necessary, I’d have to work in the industry for quite some time. The resources I do have is the ability to practice my film making.

3.) Impact: 10/10

4.) Satisfaction 10/10

Seeing how this path is my “dream job” I think I’d be the happiest. I don’t think I’d be able to do it forever, because it would probably consume my life, but I think for a time being it would be great.

Interview/ Conclusion:

My Environmental Science adviser was actually a film major at USC! She even worked in the industry for a few years. Before making the switch to film, I talked to her about what it was like. She absolutely hated it. She told me several horror stories, explained that the people in the industry are mean and selfish. But even after all the bad things she had to say about it, I still wanted to do it! Just the idea of it made me so much more excited than Environmental Science. That the moment I knew I needed to switch my major, and I stand by my choice. However, the problem with the first version of me is that it requires a lot of sacrifices. I won’t have time to travel, or pursue other hobbies. I think I’ll only know if it’s worth it once I start pursing it after college. I was also surprised by how much I liked the second future version of me. That version, unlike the first, has a lot of room for variety. I can travel, do more activities, etc. It doesn’t require that many sacrifices. I’m hoping that the actual future me will be able to combine elements of all three versions. The passion of the first, the variety of the second, and the third would be my long term goal.






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