For the last classmate conversation I spoke to Jenn, a Psychology major at California State University Long Beach. Since the guest speaker talked about nonlinear path, and creating your own career, our discussion revolved around that. Similar to me, Jenn changed her major to psychology last year. She was originally a human development major, but the classes bored her so she switched. She now majors in Psychology, and is a human development minor. Jenn almost couldn’t change her major because of timely graduation. We then went on a rant about how there are so many rules in college that prevent students from learning what they actually want to. We pay so much money, but are restricted, and have to pick certain paths in four years! We agreed that a lot of the time, advisers are too focused on the numbers. You have to take these requirements, in this much time, without going over this amount of units. But you can’t take too little units, we’ll charge you extra for that. Luckily, Jenn and I got to switch to what we’re actually interested in, but I’m sure for many students it’s not like that.

Something else that was interesting about Jenn was that she lived in Australia for two years! She said she loved it, and that she was shocked by how friendly everyone was. We agreed that Californians tend to be a colder, rude. A lot of people I know who move from other states say that Californians can be “too self important” But regardless, we both agreed that we love it anyways.


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